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British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch Warehouse

Location British Columbia
Contract Method Lump Sum
Sector Industrial
Sub sector Food & Beverage
Client BC Liquor Distribution Ltd.
Completion Date Completed - Jul 2018
Size 60,000 square feet
BC Liquor Industrial MCP 1

British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch Warehouse

Renovation and fit-out in an existing warehouse with new structural steel mezzanines, office space and incoming electrical service, distribution and lighting. This facility is now operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, filling more than 335,000 wholesale orders from nearly 10,000 customers across BC, annually.

BC Liquor Industrial MCP 3 CL

A Broad Range of Improvements

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch Warehouse was a 60,000-square-foot project renovation to an existing warehouse. Approximately 25 000 square feet of the work included interior renovations to the warehouse, such as the construction of new multi-level interior office spaces, meeting rooms, and showering facilities. The remainder of the project included extensive mechanical and electrical upgrades to the entire warehouse infrastructure, as well as other exterior improvements.

BC Liquor Industrial MCP 1 CL

Exceptional solutions to unique challenges

This project was exceptional, given that much of the multi-level spaces were constructed and erected inside an existing warehouse. This posed unique challenges as there was no way to crane any materials in place, and all below grade work had to be carefully done to ensure that we did not undermine any of the existing structure. There was also extensive demolition to the existing warehouse floors, which was required to construct structural footings and supports for the new structures. An extensive maze of under slab plumbing work was also necessary to support the large new interior facilities. Other works included upgrades to the existing structure of the building, as well as the shipping and receiving facilities.