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Hanwha Hanstone Manufacturing Plant Expansion

Information sur le client

  • Nom: Hanwha L&C Canada Inc.

Information sur l'architecte

  • Nom: SPH Engineering Inc.

Information sur le projet

  • Ville: London, ON
  • Méthode de livraison: Design-Build
  • Secteur: Industriel
  • Sous-secteur: Manufacturing
  • Statut: Complété
  • Date de fin: July 2017
  • Taille: 59,000


Just seven years ago we completed Hanwha's 210,000 square foot manufacturing plant and corporate offices in London.  

They are growing and we were once again selected as their TRUSTED Design-Builder.

As an existing warehouse area was converted into a new molding and polishing line, this expansion was required to complement production and houses new environmental and hazardous rooms.  Rework of the wastewater room was also being done to accommodate the new addition. 

This project also required rerouting the primary cable, reinforcing warehouse joists to accommodate the new low to high roof, and the existing warehouse floor slab will be removed for new pits and machine bases that are required.

Construction was executed while the facility remained fully operational.

Truly a collaborative effort with the owners, their overseas equipment and their installers.

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